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Who we are

KEEPOWERNG.COM is an Online One-Stop Shop for; Deep Cell Batteries, Inverters, Charge Controllers, Solar Panels and other Renewable Energy and Energy Efficient Products and their accessories.

Our products are from very Reputable and well Established Manufacturers in the Industry with Excellent track records in their chosen fields. At KEE Power and Technologies Limited, providing value for your money spent is our watch word. So shop with ease as you are guaranteed of getting Quality and Reliable products and services from this site.

If you are shopping for Solar Energy Products or Energy Efficient Products then you have to get it from this site, we have something for everyone from the small families to serving communities. Our customers are sure of Quality and our prices are Affordable.

Solar Energy is a proven Technology that works and it is increasing at the fastest rate compared to any other industry. With our weather conditions; we should be embracing this technology instead of playing catch up.

We Offer free delivery to our customers in Delta State, Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja. If you reside outside these areas, please contact us and we will arrange delivery for you.

What we do

Back-Up Systems Installation

Installation of Backup Systems (Inverters and Deep Cell Batteries) for Homes, Offices and Industrial purposes

Solar Powered Street

We carry out the sizing and installation of Solar Powered Security Lights for Street Lighting and private use.

Solar Powered Water Systems

As well as supplying all the materials and components for a Solar Powered Water System, we also carry out the Installation.

Installation of Solar
Road Studs

We employ the use of Hydraulic Core Drilling Machine for the Installation of Solar Road Studs

Featured Products

System Sizing

This is a very important aspect in setting up Solar Powered System or in providing Backup Systems (Batteries and Inverters).

Large/Wide Solar Light Towers

From one of the most reputable manufacturers in the USA, these Wide Large Solar Light Towers are the biggest and most powerful in the market

Solar Powered Air Conditioner

So, what makes this technology from the United States of America Special?
For one, it’s simple! It is a DC compressor-DC air conditioner, with all the solar components built into the unit.

SunDanzer Solar Battery-Free Vaccine Refrigerator

Utilizing patents licensed from NASA, the SunDanzer BFRV55 and BFRV15 connect directly to the photovoltaic (PV) solar array and requires no batteries or charge controllers to operate.