Who We Are

The New Way to

Mission Statement

We seek the best and most reliable Energy Efficient, Solar, Wind and other Renewable Energy products from around the world for our customers; providing more reliable and convenient alternatives to the use of Generators and the National Grid – PHCN.

Vision Statement

To be able to provide reliable and affordable source of electricity for our customers in their homes and places of work through Solar and other Renewable Energy sources as experienced in other advanced countries. For every home owner in Nigeria to have dependable, reliable and uninterrupted power supply in their homes.

Management And Business Structure

The top management team comprises of Edwin Uduefe and Kingsley Uduefe the owners of the Company. Both directors have full knowledge of the business and both can run the company in the absence of the other.

The company is managed on a day to day basis by one of the directors; Edwin Uduefe as a result of him residing permanently in Nigeria. The company started full operation in January 2011. Funds and investment in the company has been from the above mentioned directors and from family and friends.

We have been able to establish very good contacts in the Solar and Renewable Energy industry that are beneficial to the company and gives room for expansion.

An independent non-executive Chairperson will be appointed by the management team on a later date. This person will be able to introduce the company to individuals and businesses that would be interested in investing in the Company and our products, especially the Photovoltaic Systems, and projecting the image of the Company outside Nigeria.

Edwin Uduefe

Managing Director

I am the Managing Director of KEE Power and Technologies Limited. Professionally, I can be described as a creative and enthusiastic person with a diverse range of analytical, technical and problem solving experience. I completed my tertiary education in the United Kingdom, with a Post Graduate Diploma in Management Studies and Project Management from the Greenwich School of Management London, UK. I also attended Birkenhall College London, where I completed a program in A+ Certification in Computing and MS Office.

While in the UK, I gained a lot of experience working in different Managerial and Administrative positions; Lambert Council, London and QBE Insurance an Australian Company also based in London. I got interested in the Solar Industry after I immigrated back to Nigeria in 2009. I then took an correspondence course with Solar Energy International (SEI) Colorado, USA and I found a new career.

Fabian Uduefe

General Manager

Fabian graduated from Ambrose Ali University Ekpoma Edo-State with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration, he also has an Advanced Dip. Computer Studies from Computer Essentials Port-Harcourt. As the General Manager he;

  • Oversees and administers the day-to-day activities of the office; develops procedures, and systems which ensure productive and efficient office operation.
  • Oversees and facilitates resources management and administration procedures and documentation for effective running of the company.
  • Serves as the primary point of administrative contact and liaison with; customers, other individuals, suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Organizes and facilitates prompt delivery of products ordered from the company’s website.
  • Assists in the coordination, supervision, and completion of special projects, as appropriate.

Kingsley Uduefe


Kingsley Uduefe is the Executive Director of KEE Power and Technologies Limited. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from the Delta State University, Abraka, Delta State. He is an experienced sales and manufacturing associate with impeccable work ethic and work history, pays attention to details and a hard worker. He is a man with vision powered by unconquerable impulse to break new grounds and cross new frontiers. It is this drive that led him to travel abroad after a few years working in Nigeria.
He spent a few years in Spain before he finally emigrated to the United States of America. He currently reside in the US with his family. While in Spain he spent 4-years working with Ayesa, an IT company based in Sevilla, working with the facilities and communications department.  He also worked as a 2nd project manager at BAM CONSTRUCT, SKANSKA and ATKINS ENGINEERING, all in Sevilla. After spending 4-years in Spain, he then immigrated to the US where he has established a hauling and transportation company.
In 2010, after establishing KEE Power and Technologies Limited with Edwin Uduefe, Kingsley went into large scale importation of heavy duty equipment and machineries into Nigeria from Europe and America. Hence, he oversees the importation of our products from the US, Europe and Asia. He is a very successful business man, with experience in the manufacturing industry, project management and engineering projects.
Mr. Kingsley Uduefe is extensively vast in the operations and maintenance of equipment and has wide international connections across Europe, America and Asia. KEE Power and Technologies is floated on the leverage of his vast experience in these various sectors to meet up with challenges of providing excellent services to our customers.