Large/Wide Solar Light Towers

Large/Wide Solar Lights Tower

Large/Wide Solar Light Towers

From one of the most reputable manufacturers in the USA, these Wide Large Solar Light Towers are the biggest and most powerful in the market, providing extremely bright lighting with long run times for areas up to 23,100 square feet. Common applications include pit mining, large construction sites, expansive parking lots and freight yards. These light towers feature eight high-efficiency, high-output LED light fixtures on a 30‑foot telescoping tower for broad coverage. Autonomous operation is possible year-round in most locations.

  • Eight high-output LED lights
  • Telescoping 30-foot tower
  • Power-operated winch easily raises tower
  • Year-round autonomous operation
  • Automatic and manual operating modes
  • Battery powered
  • Automatic solar charging
  • Adjustable-tilt solar array
  • All welded structural steel trailer
  • Wide trailer with A-frame drawbar
  • Tongue jack with dual pneumatic wheels
  • Electric brakes
  • Maintenance-free AGM batteries
  • Heavy-duty secure battery box
  • Six 100-watt
  • Eight 100-watt
  • Sixteen AGM, 1600 Ah total capacity
  • 1500 W
  • 1800 W
  • 2400 W
  • Hydraulic surge brakes

Trailer: All welded structural steel

Finish: Oven-baked powder coating

Tow hitch: Lunette ring for 3-inch pintle hook

Tires: ST205/75D15

Light fixtures: Eight adjustable light fixtures
Luminosity: 10,050 lumens per fixture 80,400 total lumens
Coverage area: 23,100 sq. ft. (2146m²)
Light height: 30 feet when fully extended Lights operate at any height
Power draw: 100 watts per light fixture

Batteries: Eight 4D AGM 12 Vdc batteries
Battery capacity: 800 Ah total
Battery charger: 40 A
Solar array: Four 300W fixed-position panels on tilt-frame 1200 W total

Solar Surveillance System

The Solar Surveillance System from our manufacturers’ in the USA, makes your community safer with quick deployment and remote monitoring and control. This system includes one or two cameras with onboard digital recording and many options to suit a wide variety of applications.

The Solar Surveillance System includes all the technology you expect, integrated in a portable solar-based platform.

This system includes full-featured PTZ cameras, a battery- and solar-based power system, an expandable electronics bay and more. The day/night cameras capture high-resolution video, which can be accessed locally or remotely. Video can be viewed in real time or recorded and stored with the onboard NVR. For increased adaptability, choose from a wide assortment of options.

Power is provided by batteries, which are charged by the solar-based charging system. In a typical deployment with sufficient sunlight, the system can run continuously and independently year-round.

  • PTZ dome cameras
  • 20-foot vertical tower rotates nearly 360 degrees
  • Onboard solid-state NVR with monitor
  • High-speed LTE wireless access
  • Lots of optional add-ons
  • One or two outdoor IP-network cameras
  • Cameras are day/night PTZ dome style with 360° rotation
  • Axis, Vicon, Samsung and other cameras available
  • Onboard digital recording to solid-state NVR
  • Local control with 10.2-inch color touchscreen monitor
  • Cameras and add-on devices can operate independently or simultaneously
  • High-speed 4G LTE cellular modem* with built-in GPS
  • Multiple antenna types for the signal power and distance you need

*Requires Cellular Plan

  • 1500 W
  • 1800 W
  • 2400 W
  • Battery powered
  • Maintenance-free sealed batteries
  • Solar-based charging system charges batteries automatically without intervention
  • Solar array tilts from horizontal to nearly vertical for optimal sun exposure
  • Charging system shuts down when batteries are fully charged, preventing damage
  • Unique system allows battery charging with solar panels or commercial power
  • Electronics housed in locking NEMA-rated enclosure
  • Nycoil cable protection
  • Heavy-duty secure battery box
  • Drawbar is removable for shipping and for added theft protection

Tie-downs can be anchored to ground or other equipment

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