5m x 5, 6mm AC Cables with U Terminal (3015)

5m x 5, 6mm AC Cables with U Terminal (3015)


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Product Description

  • Quality Well Constructed Cable. The Stripes makes it easy to work with
  • 6mm² copper conductor size, Nominal Overall Diameter 20mm
  • 5 Core Cable with Brown, Black, Grey, Blue, and Green coloured cores as indicators
  • High quality Class 2 plain annealed stranded copper cores to BSEN 60228:2005 (Previously BS6360)
  • Insulated with XLPE (Cross linked polyethylene), Bedded with PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), Armoured with SWA (Steel Wire Armoured) and Sheathed with Black PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)
  • Suitable for voltages up to a maximum voltage of 600/1000V
  • Maximum current of 53A
  • Suitable for Temperatures between -15°C and 90°C
  • Conforms to BS5467, IEC 60502, BSEN (IEC) 60332-1-2 and BSEN 60332


Steel Wire Armoured Cable, commonly known as SWA Cable, is a hard wearing power cable which is designed for the supply of mains electricity. Suitable for use in power networks, underground, internal, external applications and for use in cable ducting. It can also be connected to an earth via a Cable Gland which will give the cable further protection.


The steel wire armour sits below the cable sheath to provide protection to the conductor and insulating layers which means the cable can withstand high stress and be buried directly underground.


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