Felicity Solar 12V 100AH GEL BATTERY

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Material Advantage 

  1. Plates:1% higher than the average content of tin plate, effectively prevent corrosion and sulfide of the plate.
  2. Electrolyte: Silicon-containing salt composition, effectively prevent the battery from dehydration.
  3. Paper Separator: Using domestic top brands, a variety of materials certification.
  4. Terminals: All copper materials, there are many other battery suppliers using lead terminals.
  5. Battery products: Enough plate number, enough battery capacity, enough weight.


Model: FL-G-100AH12V

Rated Capacity (10hour Rate): 100Ah

Dimensions: 216*330*171(mm)

Weight: 28.5 kg

Characteristics Capacity 25℃ (77℉)

10 Hour Rate (10.0A): 100AH

5 Hour Rate (16.0A): 80AH

1 Hour Rate (60A): 60AH

1.5 Hour Discharge to 10.5V: 40AH

Charge (Constant Voltage) CYCLE: Initial Charging Current Less Than 30A, Voltage 14.4-14.8V (14-16 hours)

Float: 13.5-13.8V

Capacity Affected by Temperature (10 Hour Rate): 40℃/104℉ 102%, 25℃/77℉ 100%, 0℃/32℉ 85%, -15℃/5℉ 65%

Self-Discharge at 25℃/77℉: Capacity After 3-Months Storage 91%, Capacity After 6-Months Storage 82%, Capacity After 12-Months Storage 64%

Terminal: T10


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