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Valve Regulated Tubular Plate GEL Batteries for Stand-By Applications

SUNLIGHT’s OPzV batteries are characterized by maintenance-free, long service life, excellent reliable performance even in harsh conditions (high operating temperatures or unstable power network), thus providing a premium, efficient and cost-effective energy solution.

Optimum design, according to DIN international standards, exclusive use of high-quality raw materials, robust construction and state of the art manufacturing processes make this OPzV range the ideal solution for stand-by applications requiring high level of safety and reliability.


  • Long Cycle Life
    Tubular positive plates, GEL form electrolyte and a unique sliding pole design, offer a design life of up to 18 years for 2V cells and 15 years for 6V & 12V blocks as well as more than 1500 cycles at 80% Depth of Discharge.


  • Outstanding Performance and Reliability
    Products of optimum design with use of high-quality raw materials, European state-of-the-art production facilities and cumulative experience on advanced submarine battery manufacturing ensure remarkable performance, exceeding values as defined by the DIN international standards.


  • Reduced Maintenance Cost
    Maintenance-free design without water topping-up requirements.


  • Space Optimization
    Vertical and horizontal installation. Racks designed for easy installation, battery maintenance and optimal space utilization.


  • Operational Safety
    Extensive compliance testing performed under European and Global norms and verified by independent 3rd party certification agency.


  • Complete Battery Solution
    Complete and ready to install systems with all the necessary accessories.
    Also flame-retardant containers and battery management systems are available upon request.


  • Flexibility
    Design and production of customized products and services, high volume orders handling capability, fast delivery.


  • Peace-of-mind
    24×7 experienced pre-sales and after sales support, through SUNLIGHT Global Partners Network.
  • Optimum Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
    Maximum lifetime value and cost efficiency.


  • Certified Quality
  1. “Very Long Life” according to Eurobat 2015 classification
  2. Tested according to IEC 60896-21 and fully compliant to IEC 60896-22
  3. Optimized for deep discharge recovery according to DIN 43539T5 Part 5
  4. Full conformity to DIN 40742 specifications for OPzV cells and DIN 40744 for OPzV blocks
  5. Compliant to the safety requirements of IEC 62485-2 for stationary batteries
  6. Manufactured in SUNLIGHT’s European production facilities, certified with ISO 9001ISO 14001BS OHSAS 18001



 Positive Plates

  • Tubular plate design
  • Optimized Lead Calcium Tin Alloy reducing hydrogen evolution.
  • Red Lead in-house production by 99.9% Pure Lead
  • Dry Filling with Red Lead

 Negative Plates

  • Pasted negative plates of grid design.
  • Optimized Lead Calcium Tin Alloy
  • Robust construction


  • Highly porous woven material
  • Increased diameter with high Positive Active Mass (PAM)

 Bottom Bar

  • Ultrasonic welding

 Terminal Bridge

  • Manufactured with high quality, robust materials following certified processes.


  • Immobilized in GEL form sulphuric acid with nominal density of 1,26 kg/l (20°C)
  • State of the art GEL filling equipment
  • High purity silica for GEL formation
  • Effective diffusion of GEL


  • High porosity grade material
  • Allow migration of ions during charge/discharge.
  • More acid in the surrounding area of the plates

Container / Lid

  • Heavy Duty ABS Material
  • Optionally flame retardant (Class V0) ABS material
  • Thick wall container
  • Sealing between container – lid with polyurethane resin
  • 100% leakage quality control with high precision equipment


  • Pressure relief
  • Integral flame arrestor

 Sliding Poles

  • Premium sliding design with brass insert and rubber seal in the lid
  • Hardness and acid resistance

External Intercell Connectors

  • Flexible
  • Copper
  • Fully insulated.
  • Fixed with plastic head safety bolt and probe hole on the top


  • Threaded female M10 terminal posts.

Internal Monoblock Intercell Connectors

  • Copper bars premium design

Pole Washers

  • Color coded pole washers




  • Backup power systems for base stations, cell towers & radio transmission installations

 UPS Systems

  • Critical equipment backup power supply & protection from frequency & voltage fluctuations


  • Power grid stabilization, power quality and reliability improvement

 Power Generation & Distribution

  • Switches control & switchboards in substations connected to power generation line.

Transportation Signaling

  • Signaling systems, communication/control nodes in demanding environmental conditions

Emergency Lighting

  • Lighting in critical situations when main electrical supply is interrupted.

Automation and Measuring Systems

  • Backup power for measuring & high demanding automation systems.


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