Our Services

Installation of Back-Up Systems

Installation of Backup Systems (Inverters and Deep Cell Batteries) for Homes, Offices and Industrial purposes. We also stock all the components that make up a Backup System for any size. See our Deep Cell Batteries and Inverter Pages for more info

Installation of Solar Powered Street Lights

We carry out the sizing and installation of Solar Powered Security Lights for Street Lighting and private use.
We also stock all components that make up a Solar Powered Lighting System; Lamp-Heads, Solar Panels, Deep Cell Batteries and Controllers.

Our partner company BG-Source supplies light-poles for commercial purposes

Installation of Solar Powered Water Systems

As well as supplying all the materials and components for a Solar Powered Water System, we also carry out the Installation. Our DC Pumps and other components are from some of the best manufacturers of Solar Powered Water Systems with years of experience

Installation of Solar Road Studs

We employ the use of Hydraulic Core Drilling Machine for the Installation of Solar Road Studs. This machine makes it easy and efficient to install road studs, not just on newly constructed roads, but also on already existing roads.

You can buy the Solar Road Studs alone from us our we can sell with the cost of installation calculated with the price