Solar powered air conditioner

Solar Powered Air Stronger

Solar Powered Air Conditioner

So, what makes this technology from the United States of America Special?

For one, it’s simple! It is a DC compressor-DC air conditioner, with all the solar components built into the unit. It can’t get any simpler than that!

These air conditioners can run on batteries, either on or off the grid, via an AC to DC converter that is also neatly built into the unit. This unique futuristic design means that, as long as the sun is shining, the air conditioner continues to run on solar power, delivering users 100% free air conditioning during peak sun hours (corresponding to 3 hours on either side of solar noon). In addition, the design captures 60– 80% solar power on the other off peak sun hours. There’s nothing more efficient than that available anywhere else!

When you combine these futuristic design elements with the high efficiencies of our DC compressor, the competition looks pretty bleak! And of course, it is simple to add some other components to a DC system like ours. For example, a battery bank connected to the solar AC system with a DC refrigerator/freezer, DC lighting, DC fans, and DC to AC inverter so there is always emergency back-up power – Off grid stuff. All of these capabilities are available from this Manufacturer.

Our Current Solar Air Conditioner Line-Up

  • Solar Window Air Conditioner (Off Grid Ready)
  • Solar Vertical Wall Mount Air Conditioner
  • Solar Tru-Wall Air Conditioner
  • Solar Split Ductless
  • Solar Window Air Conditioner
  • Solar Cassette Ceiling Mount Air Conditioner

DC air conditioner systems are simple, reliable, and tried and tested. Truckers are bouncing down our highways with these systems all over the world. They stand up to abuse and extreme conditions. We simply design energy efficient home and business direct current air conditioner with solid solar engineering and reliability in mind.

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